Monday, May  25,  2009
      Editorial:'Appalling' propaganda

With major combat operations coming to an end in the northern  theatre, the armed forces spearheaded by the army and police would now go all out to recover arms and ammunition hidden by the LTTE, security officials said.
They said that authorities would also have to track down LTTE cadres who had gone underground in the city and its suburbs. Responding to our queries, an intelligence official said that the recovery of weapons abandoned on the ground by retreating LTTE cadres would be easy. The difficult task would be to locate hidden ...

Navy Commander Admiral Wasantha Karannagoda and senior officers participate in religious observances to invoke blessings on officers and men killed in war against terrorism. This was a scene at the strategic Trincomalee navy base on Sunday (May 24). Pic SLN Media



President asks UN Chief to help arrest KP and others
... says opening roads may take some time

President Mahinda Rajapaksa has told UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon that road blocks set up as part of the measures to counter LTTE threat ...

MOON says no clear evidence of heavy bombing in battle zone
UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in an interview with the CNN on his return from the Vanni over the weekend said that there was no clear evidence of the use of heavy weapons on the scene of the final battle.


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