Prabhakaran’s parents in protective custody

LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran’s parents Velupillai (76) and Parvathi (71) are in the protective custody of the Sri Lankan government.

A senior government spokesman told The Island that they had surrendered to the army after reaching the army lines several days ago. He said that they had been among civilians holed up in the no fire zone on the Mullaitivu coast before the army launched the final assault.

They returned to the Vanni in May 2003 after the Norway brokered ceasefire between the then Ranil Wickremesinghe government and the LTTE. At the time of the finalization of the CFA, they had been living at Tiruchirapalli.

They had been accompanied by their Canada-based daughter, Vinodhini, and her husband, Rajendran.

Velupillai and Parvathi were among the early batch of Sri Lankan Tamils to go to India.

They settled in Tiruchi. The Velupillais initially settled down in a rented house, often closely monitored by the Indian intelligence agencies. Later they moved into their own house.

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