Indonesia pledges support to Lanka

The Indonesian government has pledged its fullest support for the Draft Resolution to be presented at the UN Human Rights Council meeting on Sri Lanka, which was scheduled for yesterday, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Indonesia, Major Gen. (Rtd) Nanda Mallawarachchi said.

He quoted the Indonesian Foreign Minister as saying that Indonesia supported Sri Lanka’s military campaign against the LTTE as means of defending its territorial integrity. "Sri Lanka as a sovereign nation has the right to take any measures, including the use of weapons, to fight against insurgencies," The Foreign Minister was quoted as saying.

Indonesia supports Sri Lanka’s argument that the international community should focus now on helping the country rebuild after the 30 year Civil War which ended last week, he said.

Ambassador Mallawarachchi was the former Chief of Staff of the Sri Lanka Army and had acted as the Commander for some months. (HG)


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