President to battle drugs too

President Mahinda Rajapaksa, addressing a seminar, held at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday (29), on the prevention of the use of tobacco said that it won’t be a big effort to eradicate the use of drugs for a Government that eradicated the 30 year old terrorism that prevailed in the country.

Stressing the importance of eradicating the use of drugs the President said the worst affected by terrorism were wives and children and it is the same with the use of drugs. A drug free country is a blessing to women and children, he said.

"I know it is a difficult task to eradicate the drug menace. But just because it is a difficult task we should not give up the effort. Terrorism that was described as a menace that cannot be eradicated was totally erased from this country. So it won’t be difficult if we adopt correct measures. By the year 2015 both drugs and tobacco menace should be totally eradicated. That is our target", the President said.

He also said legislation has already been enacted to ban smoking in public places, not issuing licenses to operate new liquor bars and not selling cigarettes and liquor to people below certain ages. Similarly we will bring legislation to prevent the use of tobacco and eradicate the use of drugs.

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