Take Action against MP Sivajilingam

The inflammatory statements made by TNA MP, M. K. Sivajilingam, against the Sri Lanka government on 23rd May to newspaper reporters in Chennai, which has been a hotbed of anti Sri Lankan protests, calls for punitive action by the Sri Lankan Parliament where he has taken oaths to abide by the Constitution. The most damaging statements he has made are:

1. The Sri Lanka Army "is now starting to harass Tamil Muslims and Tamils of Indian origin working in the Tea plantations.

2. Tamil women are harassed, temples are being demolished to give way for Buddhist ceremonies and Muslims are attacked indiscriminately.

3. Only a separate Tamil Eelam could end their eternal woes.

4. That the death of Prabhakaran cannot be confirmed and the body shown may have undergone plastic surgery.

The above statements are not only absolutely false but also derogatory of a democratically elected government.

No government in the whole world has fed and provided medical treatment to a terrorist organisation fighting against it and no armed services of any country has rescued over 250,000 civilians held hostage by terrorists, in such a humane manner. The manner in which the service personnel carried the sick, the infirm and the little babies in their arms and even fed them with their own hands, is an object lesson to the rest of the world, some of whom in spite of a horrendous track record is falsely gunning against a poor third world country regarding human rights violations.

MP Sivajilingam and the other MPs of the TNA is as responsible as the LTTE, for the tens of thousands of civilians and others who have died during the last three years, due to the terrorist actions of the LTTE. They not only canvassed international support for the LTTE but also encouraged the Tamil diaspora to finance the terrorist activities of the LTTE by spreading false propaganda about alleged attrocities against the Tamils by the Sinhalese. Their false propaganda has influenced the EU/ Swiss consortium to call for an international inquiry into possible war crimes committed by the Sri Lankan government. When the President is trying his level best to bring about communal harmony by even erasing the word ‘Minority’ from the vocabulary, it is a crying shame that the TNA is trying its very best to prevent this happening.

Coming back to MP Sivajilingam, I hope that MP Wimal Weerawansa, who has many a time pointed out the unpatriotic moves by MPs, in Parliament, or any other patriotic MP, will initiate action against MP Sivajilingam in the highest legislature for his violation of the Cons

Neil Perera
Colombo 5.

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