Walking Tall

Just what level of hypocrisy can Western nations reach when they deal with the situation that prevails in Sri Lanka today. This small Asian nation had been ripped apart for over thirty years by a gang of terrorists who were measured and rated by Occidental, and indeed many other countries in the world, as the most dangerous on the planet. The LTTE smashed their suicide bombers into the lives of thousands of innocent people of all ethnic flavours killing and maiming indiscriminately. They took out some of the best political and administrative minds, both in the country and outside Sri Lanka, with fiendish intelligence and cunning, and tore into the economy of a nation struggling to make ends meet, after a hit by one of the greatest natural disasters to befall the world when the tsunami struck the island. Despite all this, and abandoned by the world with the exception of China, these resilient and brave people took on an enemy that hit them in silent and resolute abandon. But they slowly gained the upper hand when a determined and politically erudite President and a military cartel headed by a genius took the helm. Sri Lanka at last would see the light at the end of the tunnel at great cost, in lives mostly, to her majority people.

The island people of Paradise delivered a spectacular victory against all notional, national and internationally aspected terrorism the like of which is unique in the world today. The mealy mouthed hypocritical rhetoric of Western leaders, urging the world to take on terrorism as the greatest single curse facing mankind today, suddenly turned strangely defunct, and two puppets, one Gallic and the other Anglo/Semitic Saxon, from countries notorious for institutional racism; France and Britain, went forth with farcical plenitude, lecturing the Sri Lankans about their social and moral responsibility to safely shepherd ethnically different civilians in the midst of the action, at the very point of victory. An action that would finally finish the war. The Sri Lankan army had their enemy by the throat and our illustrious Euro centric Foreign Ministers from the civilised world wanted the final act interrupted, ostensibly to protect innocent civilians. They failed to see that the Sri Lankans were in the last act of protecting 20 million innocent civilians from a menace that proved its devilry with Houdini-like escapology, time and time again, a thousand times previously, over three decades.

Of course the civilians caught up in the fighting were of primary concern. The conceit it took to presume that some little brown people know nothing about decency, mercy and compassion, beggars belief. This from two of the three nations that had recently contrived the killing of almost a million Iraqis on a deliberate lie. We saw no US, UK, or French soldiers feed the enemy from convoys laden with food, as the Sri Lankans did during the conduct of their entire war with the LTTE. Yes, what nation would feed the very people from whom the enemy recruited its soldiers, while at the same time being forced to fight them. What is compassion for the plight of the innocents in war if it isn’t that.

All this now stands before the Sri Lankan people in their triumph, as a mighty example to the whole world of how one deals with terrorists that are intransigent to compromise, realism and reason. But lives can still be lost in sheer wasteful abandon if egos are fluted and vanities daubed. The older wiser heads would be only too aware that the significance of their victory would be cheapened and made pyrrhic, if they do not see to it that the legitimate grievances and terrible sufferings of the Tamil people are not alleviated and reconciled with fairness and justice. There is a brother and sisterhood through it all and the Sri Lankan heart, as I know it, will get them beating together one day soon, when the demons that lead them in ill will are all gone. The lessons are learned. The people of this stunning land just could not let strange shores burst their millions into their precious island heritage. No people must lose such a legacy.

The small size of this island belies the enormity of its ancient civilisation. It is a land of true wonder, both in the talent of its people for reaching the furthest edge and the sense of deep welcome and magnanimity they show to the neutral stranger and genuine friend. There will of course be chauvinists, peacocks, pretenders and posers that let the side down by exploiting a victory for cheap and selfish gain. They curse any society. There will be ten million patriots now that Sri Lanka never knew. There will be glaring enemies across the world too, biting teeth and spitting blood, waiting to plant dread seeds where others died.

The world is watching this land as never before. It is a time like no other time for Sri Lanka. One where an ancient civilisation might show the larger more powerful recent ones of the Occident, that the power of the gun can never bring lasting justice if grievance is not reconciled. The Euro-Caucasians, be they Goth, Visi-Goth, Anglo Saxon, Hun, or Viking, stole a world from the humble and the poor and their blood still flows the world over, irreconciled in old wounds left behind centuries ago. The colonials have houses of shattered glass now and silence as their legacy. They may stand as equals now, shoulder to shoulder, but theirs is a false magnitude. We know them for their wretched cant and humbug. It’s the turn of the new kids on the block to walk tall now. There are so many that want Sri Lanka to do so.

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