Police raid CPC boss’s office, seizes computers & documents

The police investigating controversial oil hedging agreements between the CPC and three foreign banks on Friday (May 29) afternoon raided the office of the former CPC Chairman Ashantha de Mel, well informed sources told The Sunday Island.

They said that investigators have removed some documents and computers after questioning the Secretary to the CPC Board.

The raid comes close in the heels of Nihal Sri Ameresekere, former Chairman of PERC (Public Enterprise Reforms Commission) moving the Supreme Court against both public and private sector officials over these hedging agreements.

De Mel and several other CPC officials are current being investigated for their involvement in the transaction, the sources said.

Among the officials under investigation are P. M. L. Karunarathne (former Finance Manager, CPC) and K. Ariyaratne and Vasantha Kumar of a state-run bank. (SF)

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