Prabhakaran handled colonel of SLA

Acting on information elicited from a Lt. Colonel who had been on the Tigers’ payroll, the police have taken into custody his handler, identified as Prabhakaran.

Police told The Island that the army officer had accompanied Prabhakaran to Malaysia recently, where they met with a senior LTTE operative. The colonel had received Rs. 100,000 from the LTTE operative now identified as Nawaz, they said. The LTTE had also given the officer Rs. 3.5 million to help assassinate President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Sources said that the duo had stayed in Malaysia for over a week. Prabhakaran had closely associated with several security forces and police officers. He had been engaged in importing electrical items.

Army Commander General Sarath Fonseka said that the officer had retreated with his troops based at Thanankilappu to Palaly in a matter of hours in 2000. He said that troops under that particular officer’s command had withdrawn soon after the LTTE attacked Thanankilappu. Then again, he had been detected while allegedly making calls to terrorists during a major battle at Muhamalai over an year ago.

"He was summoned through the Directorate of Military Intelligence and questioned," he said, adding that a couple of Army and Police officers had been taken into custody over their alleged links with the LTTE. An officer holding the rank of Major had been sentenced to death by a Military Tribunal, he said adding that the President had commuted the death sentence to life imprisonment.

General Fonseka said after the Lt. Col. had aroused the suspicion of the army top brass, he was not given an opportunity to command troops.

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