e-Sri Lanka assists Royal College students

In a glowing tribute to the e-Sri Lanka initiative the Colombo Royal College Principal Upali Gunasekera said that the support the student population received from the e-Sri Lanka initiative for improving their ICT talents was highly commendable.

Speaking further on the occasion the principal emphasised the importance of developing ICT talents from school level. He pointed out that comprehensive national programmes should be implemented further for this purpose.

Expressing on this occasion his appreciation of the project proposed to be implemented by the Royal College Sinhala Literary Unit under the e-Sri Lanka initiative with the objective of popularising the use of the Sinhala language on the internet principal Upali Gunasekera pointed out that the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka (ICTA) had demonstrated its strong commitment by providing the technical support for achieving the Unit’s objective. Programme Head of Communications and Media, ICTA Athula Pushpakumara also participated in the occasion.

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