Tiger lifeline to dying Labour

Even the Daily Telegraph that exposed the false expenses claims scandal by members of the British House of Commons would not have expected their story to lead to such a political crisis. Prime Minister Gordon Brown is said to be having the worst week of his premiership, and possibly the worst in his political career, too.

While awaiting a certain rout of the Labour Party in Local Government polls, his plans for a cabinet shuffle after the local polls is are going awry with key Cabinet Ministers already resigning, or stating they will not accept any office in the reshuffle, because of being named in the expenses scandal. The toll being taken by the scandal is heavy, which includes the  Speaker of the House of Commons, and most likely the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling, who until recently was Brown’s most favoured minister, presiding over the recovery effort  from the current financial an economic crises. All this only shows that the so-called Mother of Parliaments, despite the squeaky clean image it has built for itself over the years, is not too distant from the reality of corrupt politics and politicians.

It does not need a cynic to state that the origin of the corruption seen in almost all other countries that have a British endowed democracy or a system of government that is styled on the British system, may be proving they have corruption in their British originated political genes.  If this is the situation in the Mother of Parliaments, is it surprising that other legislatures of the same style will also have corruption of the same type or even worse?

This is little comfort for us, except the satisfaction of seeing a government that was hell bent on causing the greatest trouble for Sri Lanka in recent months now struggling for survival, and is in no position to take up the challenge from its rival Conservatives to call for a General Election.

One special cause for satisfaction is that David Miliband, pushing his child on an evening walk in a perambulator which has been paid for the by the British taxpayers, and was so exposed among other questionable cost claims in the expenses scandal, will most probably be out of the Foreign Office; and better still, out of any key decision making position once Brown finally goes ahead with his Cabinet shake up – provided he has enough cabinet ministers left to shuffle around.

When it comes to the expenses scandals that have been exposed in the Daily Telegraph, and followed up with glee by other sections of the British media, there appears to be a hidden side to the entire issue, which has not been spotted even by the Daily Telegraph. British MPs are now being exposed with their pants down and knickers in a twist as it were, about false expense claims that have been using British taxpayer money. It may be interesting to know the amount of money many of these MPs and Ministers have been getting from other, undisclosed sources and those that cannot be revealed, in the recent past. 

Knowing the proclivity of British MPs for brown envelopes stuffed with cash from those for whom they speak in the Commons and do other political favours, shows that they too are no more than common politicians. This also raises serious suspicion whether they have been submitting expenses claims to gun runners, drug smugglers, human traffickers and even terrorist organizations or whether they are on the regular payroll of such groups, for huge and steady retainers.

As British Cabinet Minister, of the Miliband genre, who did not feel bad about cheating the British public for his child’s pram, can’t be expected to have much qualms about getting regular payments from an organization that specialized in the use of child soldiers, forcibly taken from their parents. Or, a Prime Minister who had tolerated or suffered so may ministers in his cabinet who had been regularly cheating his own people, could not have blinked if he knew that they were also on the take from the most ruthless terrorist organization in the world.

This seems to be the secret behind their silence all these years, when the LTTE was going great guns with all its savagery, barbarism and naked terror – silent about child soldiers, silent about not honouring pledges given to the UN to disband child soldiers, and silent about cheating UNICEF of funds meant for the return and rehabilitation of child soldiers.

The trail of dirty money gets hotter when the same cheaters of the British public suddenly start raising a howl in the name of a so-called international community, scheming and plotting against tea and garment exporting Sri Lanka, when the government moved to free over 200,000 Tamil civilians held hostage and also used as human shields by the sterling, dollar, euro, Swiss francs, and kroner loaded LTTE.

In the event, David Miliband, Des Browne and all those Commons apologists for LTTE terror, in the final days of the LTTE’s struggle for survival, given the leadership by Gordon Brown himself, are now seen to be no better than those on the take of fat brown envelopes. They are on the same plane as Keith Vaz, the once big noise for the cause of LTTE terror, who has been named and shamed for obtaining cash for favours done to an Indian manipulator of British politics and administration, for the personal gain of his clients.

This trend shows an easy way to solve the problems now being faced by Gordon Brown, and any other politician who may succeed him as Prime Minister of the UK. It is to ensure that all members of the Government, in and out of the Cabinet, whether Labour, Conservative or Lib-Dem, are in the regular pay of those who still control the enormous funds of the LTTE. Don’t forget the British took so long to track down on the major fund raisers and contributors to the LTTE, and even when found did precious little to deal with them with the full force of the law. Has anyone called for a probe for supporting terror?

The key to ensuring that future members of the Commons, do not get snared by the opportunity to cheat the British public through false expenses claims, is to put them all on the payroll of terror. The payments will be so secret; there will be no danger of such buckshee being questioned by any Ethics Committee. In any event members of the Ethics Committee will also be on the take.

The only demand on these takers of bloody money will be to openly support the lost cause of Eelam in Sri Lanka, and join or encourage some British Tamils, with Sri Lankan antecedents, who have hoodwinked the Brits to let them in as refugees from state terror, while supporting naked tiger terror all the while, to carry out annual and more regular demonstrations for the Eelam cause, and keep repeating charges of genocide of the Tamils in Sri Lanka for as long as they like.

Those who depend on block votes of British Tamils, will win their seats, others who win without such blocks, will be happy for the extra funds they get, and the assurance that they will never have to dip their fingers into the funds of the British taxpayers to get caught by the Daily Telegraph, or possibly even the Sunday Times that also seems to be in the pay of the coffers of terror.

It may be too late for Gordon Brown to save his government through heavy terrorist funding, but if the proper overtures are made even now, at least to consider extra bonus payments for all the shouting, lobbying in New York and Geneva for the tiger terror cause, all those warnings of an imminent bloodbath in Sri Lanka, the Labour Party that is increasingly strapped for funds may find a tiger funder for its next election campaign.

The way things are, they may still lose the election. But even in Opposition and out of power, they can have the satisfaction that the pounds continue to pour into their wallets, as long as they can help keep the dream of an Eelam alive among the "international community". For a start, they can take to the streets demanding "unhindered and unimpeded" access to the IDP centers in Sri Lanka’s north, by agents of UN organizations and INGOs and NGOs who have a weakness to leak false news about Sri Lanka to sections of the British media that is also on the take from the same source.

What a fall for the party of Clement Attlee, Aneurin Bevan, Ernest Bevan, and Hugh Gaitskell. to see the days of Gordon Brown and David Miliband, when they are exposed for cheating on expense claims and is unable to shake off suspicions of being on the take from then most ruthless terrorist organization in the world (as said by the US State Department). Hillary Rodham Clinton, also please take note.

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