Law enforcement politicized – UNP

In the absence of an independent Police Commission, law enforcement has been further politicized, as seen by recent promotions granted to certain officers, the UNP alleged yesterday.

Kandy District UNP MP, Lakshman Kirialle, addressing a news conference in Colombo, said that promotions and transfers of policemen, other than the IGP, have to be effected by the Police Commission in terms of the 17th Amendment to the Constitution , but President Mahinda Rajapaksa was deliberately delaying constituting the Constitutional Council, which is empowered to establish all independent commissions.

By not constituting the CC, the government has illegally expanded its authority and caused a total breakdown in law and order, he said.

"The Police service cannot function freely because promotions and transfers are based on allegiance to ruling party politicians. This has resulted in the blatant violation of human rights, including media freedom."

Kirialle said that the police force comprises efficient men and women, but they are unable to discharge their duties without fear or favour, because of the political pressures applied on them. This has resulted in the crime rate increasing at an alarming pace and a large number of cases remaining unsolved.

If democracy is to be restored, independent Public, Police, Elections, Judicial Service, Bribery and Corruption and Media Commissions, need to be established without further delay, he added.

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