Two LTTE Pharmaceutical stores raided

A special Police team raided two LTTE Pharmaceutical stores and arrested a man who was in charge of both. The stores were in Wellawatte and Vavuniya.

Police said medicines worth Rs 5.4 million were found in Wellawatte and and Rs 2.4 million in Vavuniya for use on injured LTTE cadres.

The arrested store keeper was responsible for the distribution of medicines to the Wanni. In addition to the medicines police found bandages, plasters, syringes and a host of other items for use on injured LTTE cadres.

It was revealed that some NGOs were involved in bringing in the stocks to the pharmaceuticals. The suspect was being questioned as to how the medicines were distributed to the Wanni and also the others involved in the process.

Investigators refused to divulge the locations in Wellawatte and Vavuniya where the stores were nor any other details since it could hamper investigations.

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