US Royalists help alma mater and SL causes

The Royal College Old Boys East Coast Association was formed in 1993 by a small group of Old Royalists living in the New York City area. Since then the association has grown and organizes several annual events that are attended by Royalists and non-Royalists alike. Funds raised from these events have been channeled to charities and projects within their alma-mater include contributing over $8,000 to Royal for the installation of a public address system covering the entire school which is now being used for daily announcements, and $8,500 towards the construction of a new hostel that provides educational opportunities at Royal for students from various parts of the island.

In a joint project launched in 2002 with RCOBANA in the west coast of USA, and private contributions from a number of former oarsmen and Old Royalists from around the world, RCOBECA donated two new boats to the Royal College Rowing Club. A donation of $350 was also made to purchase table tennis tables.

In August 2003, on a plea by Ambassador Mahendran in New York for assistance to flood victims in Sri Lanka, RCOBECA responded with a donation of $1,000 towards helping the families that suffered losses from this catastrophe. In addition, it contributed $4,900 (the entire net profit from the dinner dance) toward reconstruction of schools affected by the Tsunami in 2004.

RCOBECA also facilitated the transfer of over 60 computers, monitors and printers obtained from the UN, to the college computer lab. Contributions have also been made to the Raba Gunasekera Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Drama Society.

In 2007, RCOBECA provided $7,500.00 to the Royal College Rugby Capital Fund and the following year it donated a multi-media projector to the Royal College Scout Group and sent $3,000.00 to the Rowing Club for purchase of a boat. In 2009, it contributed $4,000.00 for urgent infrastructure maintenance (replacement of windows, gutters etc.) within the school. To date, RCOBECA has donated approximately $40,000 towards a wide range of charitable activities and school projects. It is the goal of RCOBECA to continue in this tradition of giving back to the less fortunate and their "alma-mater" in appreciation of the high values and excellent education provided by this great educational institution of Sri Lanka, a news release issued by the organization said.

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