The guns still talks, says TULFleader

TULF leader V. Anandasangaree has written to President Mahinda Rajapaksa complaining that despite the defeat of the LTTE the ordinary citizens of the North and East still live in fear of the gun, the culture to which they have been used to for the last twenty five years.

"Contrary to your expectations that Spring will dawn in Jaffna, the people here are experiencing a silent cyclone. The abundance of facilities that were made available to certain individuals were being misused at random. The defeat of terrorism did not benefit Jaffna in anyway," he has stated.

The gun culture that got deeply rooted in the North and East remains despite the several sacrifices the forces and the people of this country made to regain the lost freedom, he said and requested the President to first call for the surrender of weapons by all those who are not authorized to possess them. "Government security could be provided to those who need security," he said.

Anandasangaree referred to a certain person who has been given top posts in certain sectors despite his proven bad past records since the formation of the Rehabilitation and Resettelement Authority for the North in 1998.

"The LTTE had their Jaffna office in one of the houses belonging to a close associate of his," the letter said.

The TULF leader has brought to the notice of the President that this particular person, through a body he heads had made a donation of one million rupees to a Minister’s Fund and made 26 other similar bodies donate to that Fund

Anandasangaree wants the President to investigate this man’s fraud and take stern action against him.

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