Forgotten Nalandian

Gomin Dayasiri, in his tribute to Deshamanya H.L.de Silva, refers to a conversation with the great man where he queried as to how HL , scion of a Christian family and pillar of the Methodist Church, came to hold convictions too often condemned as "Sinhala Buddhist". HL’s explanation went back to the Japanese raid on Colombo in 1942 and the resulting exodus of many families and schools. HL’s family sought refuge in Minuwangoda where the only good school was the relocated Nalanda Vidyalaya, to which he was admitted. HL claimed that the patriotism he absorbed from his two years at Nalanda gradually overcame whatever views he may have gathered from his earlier missionary school. It was Nalanda that sowed the seeds of patriotism in the schoolboy HL, and went on to its glorious flowering in his legal career.

Alas ! Nalanda has never thought fit to acknowledge and honour this greatest of its students.

"Old Nalandian" 

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