Colombo’s most feared gang leader murdered

The Police early yesterday found the bullet riddled body of notorious underworld leader M. K. Imtiaz, alias Anamalu Imtiaz, at Old Moor Street Pettah.

Police said the victim had been brutally assaulted and shot several times.

Imtiaz was one of the most feared underworld figures in Colombo. He operated from Maligawatte and carried out robberies, extortion and murder through about more than one hundred armed men.

Police said he had lived a comfortable life with the help of his ill-gotten wealth.

A Police source said many of his victims even feared to lodge an official complaint against him fearing reprisal. Even drug barons had to pay him protection money to stay in business. Landlords sought his help to evict tenants. A fortnight ago, he along with a gang of 15 gunmen stormed the Maligawatte Mosque and shot dead a person who had gone there for prayers. Several others were also injured in the shooting. Imtiaz was arrested in Kuliyapitiya last week by an unidentified gang.

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