BPA fosters peace and stability in districts

The small and medium entrepreneurs in six districts in Sri Lanka are taking the lead to set up mechanisms to foster a peaceful and stable environment that is conducive for business and the economy to flourish. The programme is implemented by Sri Lanka's network of regional business chambers, "The Business for Peace Alliance" with the support of the Royal Netherlands Embassy.

The programme titled "Networking Business for Conflict Transformation" is based in the districts of Galle, Kegalle, Kalutara, Ampara, Kandy and Trincomalee and is steered in each district by the members of the respective District Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

All these districts are made up of multi- ethnic and multi -religious groups and are subject to social tension and unrest that can lead to violence and damage to people, property, and business establishments.

The programme concentrates on the business community giving the lead to mobilize Community leaders to set up "Harmony and Development Committees". These Committees have already been successfully started in the districts of Galle, Kegalle and Kalutara and while strengthening the existing committees, similar committees are being set up in the other three districts too.

The members of the existing committees have gained rich experience in providing leadership to address ethnic and social tension in their respective districts. Through this project, they will share their experience and support the three other chambers, to address similar situations emerging in those areas which are threatening to business and human security.

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