Bacteria alone cannot curb dengue menace – Tissa

Professor Tissa Vitharana on Thursday stressed that the dengue menace cannot be controlled solely by introducing bacteria. The public has a huge responsibility in keeping the environment clean, thus depriving the deadly mosquito of breeding grounds, he said.

Prof Vitharana was the Chief Guest at a ceremony to mark the transfer of mother culture of the ‘Sri Lankan Strain of Bacillus thuriengensis (Bt) for Mosquito Control’ developed by the Industrial Technology Institute (ITI) for BOI Power Lanka (Pvt) Ltd.

Vitharana said mosquitoes proliferate because of the negligence and irresponsibility of the masses.

"It has been scientifically proved that spraying of chemicals to control the breeding of mosquitoes is no longer effective but such showy work is good for politicians to show the public that they are engaged in some work," he said.

He appreciated the efforts made by the ITI in developing the particular bacteria to control the dengue mosquito. The country is at a very low level in making use of science and technology for advancement, he said.

He stressed the need for more investment on research as it will benefit the masses.

Vitharana said that the country had been saddled with a war and large sums had to be spent on eliminating terrorism but now that the war is over the government could afford to allocate more funds for advancement of science and technology.

The Minister said that the dengue mosquito breeds in clean water and urged the public not to leave any places where it could breed.

The introduction of these bacteria by the ITI will help in a big way in controlling the dengue mosquito he explained.

Secretary to the President Lalith Weeratunge said many developed countries spend a considerable amount of money for scientific research and it has paid dividends particularly in the fields of education, health, technology and Information technology.

President Mahinda Rajapaksa is very keen on developing indigenous products and the government will encourage and provide all support for projects such as the ITI project on mosquito control and others, Weeratunge said.

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