Animal lovers keep mum on animals rights violations

This refers to the letter of Mr G H Wijedasa in your paper of  9th, requesting a response.  He is asking the question why all these so called animal lovers (I am one) and Satwa Mitra Associations kept quiet when there are daily violations of animals rights, whereas they rose to the occasion in the case of the baby Jumbos’ forceful separation from their mothers. These daily violations have been occurring for years and all governments kept quiet about them.  I have seen several letters regarding cattle transport and cruel methods of killing etc, in the Island, therefore GHW is incorrect when he says that organizations and individuals kept quiet. 

As a result of pin-pointing these incidents, the Colombo Municipality is going to introduce new humane method of slaughtering cattle. Re. his 2nd point, that all writers against this baby elephant incident and/or  on animal cruelty  should be vegetarians,  "as only vegetarians can be animal lovers." Is this a joke? No Sir!,  I don’t think so. Good example is the govt’s Mathata Thitha programme –  are all the law makers in the govt. non-alcoholic beverage drinkers (tee-totalers)?.   

Similarly, all animal lovers need not be vegetarians.  Even Lord Buddha did not issue strict regulations on this issue. This is something like that ‘all Lankan Diplomats in our foreign missions should not be tee-totalers’. His 3rd point says, "the cattle, thus, generate income for their owners, unlike the elephants. In such a scenario, shouldn’t the cows and their calves be entitled to the identical concern shown by the animal lovers for the two baby elephants and their mothers?" 

Yes of course I agree with him! But these are private owners and private issues, where government should enact regulations not allowing such sales. But,  when a government minister and the custodian of a holy  Buddhist shrine take the law unto their own hands to harass animals in public, it becomes a public issue – our own issue.  We saw on TV how babies were taken and kept in a garage forcefully without mothers milk and mothers love. Finally, I think that all have read a very hardhitting and truthful letter written by Mr K Godage in the Island of 7th Aug, (Transgressing the Dhamma).  I am sure  Mr G H W also has heard about ‘Ditta Kamma Vedeniya Sutra’.  In short it says, good deeds people do come back to them in the form of good benefits. Likewise, the evil deeds they do come back with drastic results.   

Even in Christianity it says  "Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

Charles Silva

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