Govt. says KP helped Obama with election campaign

Media Minister Lakshman Yapa Abeywardena told the media yesterday that according to the International Crisis Group Kumaran Pathmanathan aka KP and his associates based in the US had backed Barack Obama’s presidential election campaign.

Minister Abeywardena said that the international community had misunderstood Sri Lanka’s stand on the LTTE’s international activities but the government was determined to decimate the LTTE’s international network.

KP was wanted for questioning by the Criminal Investigation Department over his involvement in the Central Bank bombing in 1996 and arms procurement operations oversees for terrorist activities in Sri Lanka, Minister Yapa said.

KP had also been listed by Interpol for his involvement in the assassination of Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandhi on 21 May, 1991 in Tamil Nadu India.

KP used several aliases and held a number of different passports to facilitate smuggling operations and evade arrest.

He is believed to have obtained at least 16 passports from different countries to facilitate his clandestine arms and smuggling operations.

They included British and Indian travel documents and intelligence suggested that he possessed Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and French passports.

KP was arrested overseas and brought to Colombo last week.

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