U’grads arrested for graffiti against ‘King’ released on bail

Two Colombo university students who were arrested for writing slogans were yesterday allowed bail in Rs. 1,500 cash and Rs. 25,000 surety, by Colombo Additional Magistrate Kumarie Abeyratne.

They were ordered to report to the Cinnamon Gardens Police every Sunday between 9.00 a.m and 12.00 noon.

Attorney-at-Law Usuf Nasser appearing for the suspects submitted that they had been arrested by the Cinnamon Gardens Police while allegedly engaged in writing a slogan in Sinhala Rajathumeni oba lamayinge vibahagayata keliya (which roughly put into English means ‘Your Majesty, you messed up children’s examination!’) on a wayside wall.

Nasser said the first suspect Upul Seneviratne is the Convenor of the Inter University Students Union and the other suspect Gihan Premaratne is the President of a union in the University of Performing Arts.

The case will taken up on August 28.

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