Under the Negenahira Novodaya programme:
Govt. to provide seedlings, fertilizer to Samurdhi recipients, rehab 18 tanks

The Government under its livelihood development programme has decided to provide seedlings, fertiliser and other inputs to 10,000 Samurdhi recipient families and rehabilitate 18 tanks at a cost of Rs 18 million in the Trincomalee district, governmental sources said yesterday

The newly appointed SLFP organiser for Trincomalee and Minister of Nation Building Susantha Punchinilame said that he was happy to take forward the development to the people of the Trincomalee district under the Negenahira Novodaya programme as entrusted to President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

It is heartwarming to observe how the people from the three communities Tamil, Sinhala and Muslim of the Trincomalee district who had faced the cruel ravages of the war for several decades had come together in unity as one people, one country and one nation so that they may live together in harmony, he said.

The Minister of Nation Building who had travelled far from his UNP base and constituency Ratnapura to be appointed SLFP Organiser for the Trincomalee district said that action was being taken to set aside Rs 29 million to offer subsidies to farmers to cultivate land that had been uncultivated for decades and in villages where displaced people had been resettled to rehabilitate 10 tanks with Rs 28.7 million being set aside .

Twenty five grama sevaka divisions that have been selected from the district are to be granted a million each for promotion of self employment under the Yali Pipidheema project .

Under the Gama Naguma programme of the Government an additional Rs 500,000 has been allocated to each of the 230 Grama Sevaka divisions in the district.

The construction of one of the longest bridges in the Eastern Province across the Kinniya lagoon nears completion and Rs. 7 million has been set aside for the Road Development Department (RDD) to reconstruct the roads in Kinniya.

An estimate has been prepared to rehabilitate the Kantalai - Wan Ela, Siyambalagaswewa road, Funds have been forwarded to the District Secretary for Anuradhapura H. M. K. Herath and the Civil Defence Force entrusted the task of constructing the Padaviya-Sri Pura - Anuradhapura road.


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