UNP bracing for a good fight in South – Sajith

The UNP said yesterday despite facing an all powerful Executive President, it was bracing for a "good democratic fight" at the forthcoming Southern Provincial Council Election.

The party’s Hambantota District MP, Sajith Premadasa, when asked, at a news conference in Colombo, if the UNP was bracing for a huge defeat at the SPC poll,considered its weakest link, answered in the negative. He said, "We are bracing for a good democratic fight. But it is not easy, when your opponent is an all powerful Executive President."

Questioned if he was being optimistic of the UNP’s chances,when one considered the recent Uva Provincial Council Election results, Premadasa said that he did not want to make any predictions, but the UNP would perform well, contrary to expectations in some quarters.

"Regardless of disadvantages, we will work hard to safeguard our vote base in villages and towns," he said.

Responding to the government pronouncements that the UNP was on its last legs and the final rites would be performed in the South, Premadasa said, "As long as we are there, you can rest assured that the UNP will not dissolve or vanish.We will rebound as a strong and potent force."

He said that ‘bread and butter’ issues would dominate the poll, in the Hambantota district.

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