Renewed international campaign to tarnish Sri Lanka’s image
– Yapa
Fabricated ‘Channel 4’ video

The government said yesterday that there was a renewed campaign by some international forces to tarnish its image by accusing it of war crimes.

Media Minister Anura Priyadharshana Yapa, addressing the Cabinet press briefing in Colombo, said that the video footage aired recently on ‘Channel 4’,UK, of alleged atrocities by the army against Tamil civilians was false and fabricated.

"There is a renewed attempt to tarnish Sri Lanka’s image. Our High Commissioner in London is taking up the matter with Channel 4."

He said that the Sri Lankan army was a disciplined force and had always acted within the law in carrying out its operations against the LTTE.

"Those who failed to prevent the LTTE’s defeat and elimination of Velupillai Prabhakaran are now trying to tarnish our government’s reputation, with a fabricated video," Yapa said.

Responding to accusations that there was no media freedom in Sri Lanka, he claimed that journalists were free to do their job, without any hindrance or fear.

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