On day of Tissanayagam verdict
No security for Judge

Security officers, of Colombo High Court Judge, did not turn up for duty on schedule, yesterday, to accompany Judge Deepali Wijesundera, to Court to deliver the Judgement in the Tissanayagam case.

The accused, Tissanayagam faced trial, for violation of prevention of terrorism laws. High Court Judge Deepali Wijesundera had scheduled the delivery of the judgement for yesterday morning.

The High Court Judge, had notified on Friday last, both the DIG and the SSP in charge of Judges. Security, that the Security Officers should report for duty at 8 a.m., on Monday August 31, 3009.

At 8 a.m. she complained to the Director of the Judges Security Division that the officers had not turned up. The Director had said that the Motorcycle of the personal security officer had broken down.

Consequently, prior to leaving home for Hulftsdorf, the High Court Judge had called DIG Sarath Perera and complained. She had said that if she was killed on the way her call would be recorded.

Soon after, a back up cycle had come though late, with two security officers. The personal security officer however accompanied the Judge, in the car. The backup motorcycle followed the car, on the way to court.

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