175,000 mosquito breeding places unreachable

The Health Ministry said yesterday 175,000 mosquito breeding places which cannot be reached for manual spraying of BTi bacteria have been identified in Colombo, Gampaha and Kandy districts. Aerial spraying would be the only solution and it is estimated will cost the Air Force US Dollars 3.6 million.

The report by the Cuban specialists for fighting the dengue menace and other mosquito borne diseases would be further studied by a committee of experts before it is forwarded for Cabinet approval,a Ministry spokesman said.The committee would comprise of professors in Zoology from Sri Lankan universities, entomologists, representatives from Industrial Technological Institute and Air Force officials.

The Health Ministry is anxious since there could be an increase in mosquito borne diseases with the onset of the North East monsoon.Dengue and other mosquito borne diseases had been on the wane during the past few weeks after a tremendous increases and over 300 deaths were reported at the beginning of the year

The Ministry fears that mosquito borne diseases could reach epidemiological proportions with the onset of the monsoon and already signs of an increase have been detected.

The country recorded 24, 980 cases of dengue this year,the highest in the recent history . 245 died.The Health Ministry in collaboration with the civil Defence Committee, local government institutions and the public have been carrying out dengue control programmes countrywide.

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