Weerawansa on why he defected

Leader of the National Freedom Front (NFF) Wimal Weerawansa MP revealed the secret plan of the JVP to bring down the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government during the 2007 Budget which led him and some other MPs to leave the party and to vote with the Government.

"We succeeded in saving the Government that defeated LTTE terrorism and terrorist leader Prabhakaran".He was addressing a Southern Provincial Council election rally at the Tangalle Urban Council Auditorium.

"The JVP now claims that it supported the Government to defeat terrorism. If we had not walked out of the JVP and joined the Government, many others who now cling to the Government would also have left the Government and there would not have been a Government to defeat the LTTE. The war was won because of the decision we took at the critical juncture", he said.

Now the challenge before the Government was to confront the economic crisis and it, too, could be won. He cited the increase in tourist arrivals, round the clock fishing activities allowed in the North and east, free flow of agricultural items from the North to the South and the biggest harbour in South Asia being built in Hambantota as encouraging signs.

Weerawansa said that when the Government wins the next elections the country could have a small Cabinet. The present Cabinet was big because the Government needs to protect it parliamentary majority.

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