Indices reach record heights, turnover up sharply

The All Share Price Index (ASPI) crossed the 2,700 mark , (2,724.29), the first time in more than two years during mid trading while Milanka also gained to reach 3069.12. Turnover also shot up above the billion mark at 1,108 million from Rs. 714 million the previous day.

Retail investors continued taking up hotel shares as well as blue chips.

Among the larger transactions ( over 500,000 shares )were ACl 0.533mn at Rs. 57.25 gaining Rs.4.75, AHOT Properties 0.539mn at Rs. Rs.70.00 gaining Rs.2.00,Blue Diamonds 7,937mn at Rs. 3.60 losing =/10cts, Blue Diamonds (n/v) 11,462mn at =/90cts (n/c),CT Land 3,547mn at Rs. 21.75 gaining Rs.2.25, CIC 0.805mn at Rs. 61.00 gaining Rs. 1.25, Colombo Land 2,764mn at Rs. 4.90 gaining =/30cts,Dialog 3,252mn at Rs. 6.25 gaining=/25cts,JKH 0.649mn at Rs.139.75 gaining Rs.3.25, Merchant Bank 0.656mn at Rs. 29.25 gaining =/75cts,Mullers 2,076mn at =/90 cts gaining =/20cts,Nawaloka 15,459mn at Rs.3.20 gaining =/20cts, Overseas Reality 0.544mn at Rs. 15.00 (u/c),Pirimal Glass 1,146mn at Rs.1.70 (n/c), Reefcomber 4,754mn at Rs. 2.20 gaining=/10cts, Richard Peiris 0.607mn at Rs. 38.00 (n/c),lan Bank (n/v) 1,283mn at Rs.12.25 losing =/25cts,Fortress Resorts 0.899mn at Rs. 12.75 gaining =/50cts, Janashakthi Ins 1,245mn at Rs.9.75 gaining Rs.1.25, Keells Hotels 0.953mn at Rs. 18.25 gaining Rs.1.25Marawila Resorts 2,253mn at Rs..9.00 (n/c), Sierra Cables 1,244mn at Rs. 1.80 gaining =/10cts, ess Agro 3,406mn at Rs. 1.20 gaining =/10cts, and Seylan Merchant (n/v) 0.506mn at +/50 cts losing =/10cts.

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