No patriot undermines his country at this moment - Siyambalapitiya

Kandy – "We are a nation making an attempt to recover after a destructive thirty-year war. No patriot at this moment will attempt to undermine the reputation or the economy of the country when the nation is trying to rejuvenate its economy under very difficult circumstances," Minister of Finance and State Revenue and Deputy Minister of Finance and Planning Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said at the opening of the new branch of the National Savings Bank in Kandy last week.

He said there were certain elements with pessimistic views looking at things with a negative mentality. This could be seen even from the questions asked in the Parliament, Siyambalapitiya said.

Certain elements question about the March financial situation of the country knowing very well that ourforeign assets were very low in that month. But I revealed the true position not only in the month of March but upto August this year, Siyambalapitiya said.

He said the economy of the country had progressed steadily after the war ended. Foreign assets had risen tremendously. They had risen from 1,200 million US dollars in March to US dollars 4,000 million in August.

"The global economic decline affected all countries. During the world economic crisis Sri Lanka too was affected. But now the situation is bright. Our external assets continue to rise."

One must look at things optimistically. The nation should be given support to develop after a long period of suffering. There is no doubt that the people of the Kandyan kingdom will extend the instinted support to regain the lost vitality of the economy. The people of the hill country came to rescue the nation even at the periods of invasions by the foreign powers.

Minister Siyambalapitiya stressed on the need to save. More savings will will help reduction of poverty in the country. Rate of saving in Sri Lanka is still very low. It is at 18 percent or 19 per percent. The rate must rise to at least 25 percent, he said.

The illustrious Finance Minister Dr. N. M. Perera founded the National savings Bank in 1972 to encourage people of Sri Lanka to save more. The saving habit should be promoted.

General Manager and CEO National Savings Bank, Sunil Perera said, the new branch in Kandy was the 144th branch of the NSB.

Central Provincial Council Member (UPFA) Thilina Bandara Tennakoon, and Executive Director NSB, W. H. Piyadasa also spoke.

Leader of the opposition of the Kandy Municipal Council Sena Dissanayake, and several Kandy Municipal Council Members, Assistant General Manager, Central bank of Ceylon Lalith Atapattu and several others were present.

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