Public service chaos due to non
implementation  of 17th Amendment
– Dayasiri Jayasekera

The government’s failure to implement the 17th Amendment and its attendant independent commissions, has resulted in a chaotic situation in the public service, the UNP said yesterday.

Kurunegala District UNP MP, Dayasiri Jayasekera told a news conference in Colombo, that the absence of an Independent Public Service Commission, had given President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his cronies the opportunity to do as they please, while violating all financial regulations.

The allocation of Rs.10 billion for ‘Maga Neguma’ through a Cabinet Paper, was just one example of how the country’s financial regulations were being violated, he said.

The ‘Maga Neguma’ has been officially listed as a subsidiary of the Highways Department, but its activities come directly under the purview of the President and his close associates, Jayasekera alleged. "The organisation’s funds, including vehicles and machinery, are being gradually channelled for the construction of the Deniyaya Palace, belonging to the President’s brother in law. But it has failed to remit EPF and ETF dues, nor has it paid VAT."

He, said that the non implementation of the 17th Amendment, has affected the smooth and efficient functioning of several sectors including the Police. Promotions in the police service have been delayed and hardworking policemen are at the mercy of the President, to obtain their legitimate rankings.

The southern people,who have suffered patiently would very soon teach the corrupt UPFA government, a very good lesson, Jayasekera added.

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