I will not ask a cent from 2010 budget to pay SLTB employees’ salaries - Dallas

"I would not ask a single cent from the 2010 budget to pay Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) employees’ salaries. I will only ask for an allocation for the expenditure involved in monthly season tickets, Transport Minister Dallas Alahapruma said.

He was speaking at the handing over ceremony of 13 CTB buses to 5 depots in the Galle district under the ‘Gami Diriya’ programme.

Minister Alahapruma said, 2010 would be a year of performance and he would try his best to bring CTB service to the standard that existed in the Anil Munasinhe era, in the 1970s.

Due to the efforts made by the CTB employees and the cooperation extended by them, the task of raising the standard of the commuter service would be much easier.

With the addition of more buses, the People in Galle would not have severe transport difficulties.

He said under the able guidance of President Mahinda Rajapaksa the people who were deprived of good transport facilities would be able to enjoy a satisfactory bus services under "Gami Diriya" programme. These buses would be used only to transport commuters.

Minister Alahapruma added that CTB employees had faced several challenges and they would win those challenges by working relentlessly to achieve the set goals. At the moment the CTB had 5,100 buses and of these around 4,000 buses were deployed daily.

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