Obama’s double standards

The Norwegians have done to their Nobel Peace Prize what Sri Lanka's wayside acupuncture joints have done to honorary doctorates. They have demeaned the once coveted prize by awarding it according to their whims and fancies. This time around, it has gone to a man responsible for the perpetuation of military aggression in two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan. Barack Obama is his name!

Ironically, Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize even before the dust had settled on an Afghan village, where a US aerial bombardment on two fuel tankers in the hands of Taliban terrorists killed over one hundred civilians and injured a large number of others.

How come the Nobel Peace Prize which was denied to Mahatma Gandhi, one of the greatest men to have inhabited this earth, was given to a political leader prosecuting two wars? However, Norway's policy, in our book, looks consistent. It is harbouring terrorists of all hues on its soil on the pretext of promoting global peace. So, why shouldn't it award its Peace Prize to a hawk? After all, the Nobel Prize has a dynamite origin, doesn't it?

President Obama's government has taken upon itself the task of protecting human rights across the globe. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is so enthusiastic about her quixotic human rights mission that she finds her foot more often than not in her mouth at international fora where she waxes eloquent on the need to safeguard democracy and human rights. It was only the other day that she had egg on her face by telling the UN that Sri Lanka was one of the countries where rape was used as a weapon of war!

While the US is thus in the overdrive mode in its efforts to slap a war crime probe on Sri Lanka, Nobel Laureate Obama has been exposed for having interfered with a report on war crimes in favour of Israel! A Daily Telegraph dispatch we reproduced yesterday said the moderate Palestinian Leader Mahmoud Abbas had landed himself in trouble because he under direct US pressure withdrew his endorsement of a report commissioned by the United Nations which accused Israel and Hamas of 'war crimes' in Gaza. Things that Nobel Laureates do!

What moral right does the Obama administration have to harass Sri Lanka simply because of mere suspicion that war crimes were committed in the final phases of war against the LTTE? Whether Israel and Hamas really committed war crimes in Gaza we do not know but President Obama has ruined his reputation and that of his country.

It will be interesting to see the reaction of the powerful human rights lobby which swings into action against smaller countries at the drop of a hat. They even stoop to the level of spoiling international sports events with absurd dummy ball signing campaigns etc. A section of the western media is doctoring videos and distorting reports to give Sri Lanka a bad name for having neutralised terrorism militarily. Whether they will have the same kind of high octane performance in condemning Obama and his government or whether they will at least register their protest with the US government on this score remains to be seen. We bet our bottom dollar they will ignore the issue as they do not want to ruffle the feathers of big countries for fear of losing funds.

It is reported that the Palestinians accuse Obama of 'betraying the sentiments he voiced in Cairo just four months ago when he tried to portray America as an even-handed mediator.' What helped Obama become President was his mesmerising oratory. But, eloquence is no indicator of efficiency or honesty. The world has seen many 'articulate' dodgers and monsters. Palestinians have no one to blame but themselves as they made the mistake of going by oratory which is a far cry from real action. It is natural that Palestinians are bitterly disappointed. So are the terror affected Sri Lankans who mistakenly believed the US would help them with their deliverance!

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