Bank of Ceylon pioneers
development in Jaffna Peninsula
The Bank of Ceylon has initiated mega programmes for the economic and social development of Jaffna where development activities were badly affected due to terrorism for nearly 30 years.

The Chairman of the Bank of Ceylon Dr. Gamini Wickramasinghe said that a sum of Rs. ten billion has been allocated for development activities being implemented alongside the ‘Uthuru Wasanthaya’ programme of the government. This amount exceeds two fold, the sum allocated for all other districts. The Chairman who paid several visits to Jaffna with the relevant officers to prepare the initial setting for these activities, has also had discussions with government officers, the business community, farmers and officers in various fields.

As a result of this visit a group of representatives including the Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabral, the presidential advisor former Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Sri Lanka Mrs. Rani Jayamaha and the Assistant Governor of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka Mr. W. M. Karunarathna visited the Jaffna peninsula on an invitation by the Chairman of the Bank of Ceylon and initiated a number of development programmes.

Under this, the initial steps were taken for a number of development programmes including the opening of the Bank of Ceylon branch at Main Street in Jaffna, installation of ATM machines, meeting the business community, meeting the representatives of agricultural organizations and farmers and granting loans, water pumps, tractors, bicycles, other agricultural equipment, the handing over of 20 dairy cows, symbolically to the farmers in Jaffna.

The group of representatives met nearly 5000 farmers in Achchuveli. They also met the business community and provided- solutions to problems regarding their business activities. A new safety deposit vault containing 600 lockers was also opened at the Super Grade branch of Bank of Ceylon with a view to protecting valuables such as gold and documents belonging to the people of Jaffna, an ATM machine for the branch in Point Pedro was provided and the initiative to establish branches covering all the main towns in Jaffna were also taken during this tour.

This group of representatives comprised the Government Agent of Jaffna. K. Ganesh, a number of educationists including the chancellor and the Vice Chancellar of the University of Jaffna, Deputy General Manager of Bank of Ceylon Mr. Sam Samarasinghe Assistant General Manager (NWP) H. M. Mudiyanse, the Chief Manager of the Development Banking Division K. D. Chandrasiri, the Senior Manager W.A.C. Thisera and a large number of other officers..

Commenting on these programmes, government officers, the business community, farmers and the ordinary people paid tribute to the Bank of Ceylon for its instant initiative for the economic and social upliftement of the people in Jaffna, who have suffered immensely.

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