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Ten Thomians injured after Peterite attack
The St. Peter’s victory in the all-island Division ‘A’ under-19 basketball final, held at S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavinia, on Thursday, and reported in Saturday’s The Island, was marred by a serious incident immediately after the award ceremony in which a group of Peterites deliberately provoked a confrontation with Thomians boys.

A group of boys, some at least of whom were identifiable St. Peter’s rugby players, came to the Mount Lavinia final carrying knives, bottles and other offensive weapons. After the match which was sullied by unsportsmanlike chanting and provocation, a bottle was thrown by someone in the Peterite section of the crowd. When this failed to provoke Thomians into retaliation, the Peterites resorted to the ploy of picking on one innocent Thomian spectator which led to others coming to his aid.

In the ensuing fracas several Thomians were hit by broken bottles thrown by the Peterites, some suffered lacerations caused by knives, and others were set upon with metal pipes. A security officer and some college prefects who attempted to control the violence were also set upon. As a result, ten Thomians required hospital treatment immediately after the incident, four of whom were then taken home by their parents, with six kept under supervision in the school sick room. It was miraculous that none suffered serious injury.

The report in The Island headed ‘Three Peterites injured in Thomian attack’ therefore completely misrepresents the cause and magnitude of this regrettable event, and implies that Thomians rather than Peterites were responsible for it.

You probably cannot say so, but I heard through the police that the St. Peter’s senior management had initially told them that only two Peterites suffered very minor injuries and that the event was of such insignificance that no further action was required.

It was only when they learnt that we had filed a report with the Mount Lavinia police naming five of the St. Peter’s assailants, all rugby players, that they decided to file a reciprocal complaint themselves.

When I tried to speak to the Rector or Vice-Rector of St Peter’s on Friday, neither was available to come to the telephone, ostensibly because they were preparing for their Colours Night, and the person to whom we spoke had no idea what I wanted to speak to the Rector about.

It is regrettable, in my view, that you ran this story without apparently attempting to verify it by asking for the S. Thomas perspective.

Yours sincerely

The Revd John Puddefoot, Warden
S. Thomas’ College

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