Vaughan recollects irritation with Moores
Michael Vaughan has revealed his exasperation as he tried in vain to forge a successful working relationship between himself as England captain and Peter Moores as coach, cricket365.com reported on its website, Saturday.

Long before Vaughan resigned last year, unable to rediscover his best batting form after his absences with knee injuries, he was finding it tough to adapt to Moores’ methods in the post-Duncan Fletcher era.

Vaughan, who led England to a shock 2005 Ashes series victory while Fletcher was coach, admits in his autobiography ‘Time to Declare’ that he struggled to relate to Moores.

Extracts from the book are published in The Times on Saturday - and in a diary entry from during England’s successful Test tour of New Zealand in March 2008, Vaughan writes: "The team is starting to get irritated by the new management regime - being told what to do and treated like schoolkids. Peter [Moores] loves talking and having the last word."

Vaughan’s qualms were not short-lived about a man who was eventually sacked from his post early this year after it became clear he and Vaughan’s replacement Kevin Pietersen were incompatible in their roles.

Vaughan explains: "I still think that the England captain should have ultimate control, but Peter wanted to be in charge from the sidelines.

"What I found is that he wanted to do everyone’s jobs for them.

"Duncan would never do that; he would trust me to get on with it."

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