St. Josephs’ Under-17 joint hockey champs

St. Joseph’s College, Colombo, emerged joint champions at the Colombo Schools U-17 Hockey tournament.

They entered the tournament as favourites and remained unbeaten throughout.

The finals were played late in the evening and could not be completed as their opponents, Ananda College, Colombo protested against the light.

St. Josephs’ and Ananda were declared joint champions.

The Josephians were captained by Shenal Cooray and coached by old boy, Shane Ratnam. Dinesh Buddhika is the Master-in-Charge.

St. Joseph’s College, Colombo, U-17 hockey team

Standing L-R: Shane Ratnam (Coach), Kushal Jayasekara, Chanuka Perera, Enose Praveen, Sheshan Rajapakse, Shenal Cooray (Captain) Manoj Chrishanthan, Mithurshan Joseph, Stave Silva (Vice Captain) Bryan Joseph, Midhesan Nadaraja and Dinesh Buddhika (Master-in-Charge). Kneeling L- R: Anton Manoj Joseph, Kaushan Perera, Chanaka Madanayake, Kavindu Nayomal, Travis D’Rose, Naveen Motha and Dhanish.

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