UNP warns of street protests demanding establishment of ICs
Cannot expect fair polls from "Sick Elections Commissioner"

The UNP yesterday warned that it would have no option, but to take its campaign for the establishment of independent commissions to the streets, since the Rajapaksa government did not have any respect for the law.

The UNP’s Western Provincial Councillor Ajith C. Perera said, at a news conference in Colombo, that the government was not setting up the Police, Public Service, Elections, Judicial Service, Bribery and Corruption and Media Commissions, because in such an environment it can violate the laws of the country with impunity.

"We have been repeatedly calling for the constitution of the Constitutional Council and the Independent Commissions, but it has turned a deaf ear for nearly four years, he said. "There is no reason for any postponement, because all political parties have agreed on the nominees to the Constitutional Council. We are now left with only one option and that is to get onto the streets."

Perera said that the deteriorating law and order situation and unsolved crimes,including the killing of journalists, was directly attributable to the absence of independent Police and Public Service Commissions.

"The President is abusing his right to grant pardons, just to accommodate his stooges and friends," he alleged. "The laws are being bent once again to pardon a Minister’s wife. The entire public service has become the property of President Mahinda Rajapaksa."

The Elections Commissioner Dayananda Dissanayake, wanted to retire eight years ago, on the grounds that he was a "patient", but still continues in the same position. As such the UNP does not expect free and fair elections under a "Sick Elections Commissioner", Perera added.

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