Tamil parties to form alliance to pressure Govt

Tamil speaking political parties SLMC, TNA, DPLF, EPRLF (Naba Wing), Democratic Peoples Front and the TULF will meet today to work out a common programme form an Alliance and pressure the UPFA Government to solve the issues Tamil people are faced with.

Sources said the Tamil parties had decided to form a broader alliance after their meeting with the Tamil Nadu based Viduthalai Siruthai Puligal party leader Thirumalavalavan, who stressed the need for people of the Muslim Community, Indian Tamil Community and Sri Lankan Tamil Community to unite with the Tamil Diaspora to form an alliance. Thirumalavalavan was a member a ten member Tamil Nadu parliamentarians and members of the Tamil Nadu Local Assembly who visited Sri Lanka a fortnight ago.

He had reiterated that by joining the Tamil diaspora, the Tamil speaking minority political parties could become a formidable force to sit in the Opposition benches of Parliament to win their rights and not to expect much from the Indian Congress Government.

When contacted, the General Secretary of the SLMC and MP M. T. Hassen Ali said yesterday that the need for such an alliance had been understood by all Tamil speaking minority political parties as the UPFA Government was attempting to sweep the issues faced by them under the carpet since terrorism has been eliminated.

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