Champika blames industrialised
countries for adverse climatic effects

Industrialised nations, while talking about the situation of the internally displaced persons in Sri Lanka, should have the courage to speak about the plight of nearly seven million people in the Monaragala and Ampara districts, affected by the adverse climatic changes caused by the industrialized nations, Environment and Natural Resources Minister Champika Ranawaka said.

He told British Deputy High Commissioner Mark Gooding on Tuesday, at his Ministry where he officially handed over the four centigrade (4C) map which showed the impact of the rise in temperatures, that Sri Lanka despite not being a polluter, had already adhered to the adaptation and mitigation strategies through the Harith Lanka programme.

He said the poster highlights the impact that might occur if the global average temperature rose by four degrees centigrade or seven Fahrenheit above the pre industrial climate average.

He said that according to the poster ,some places would experience 8 degrees centigrade higher as against the earlier predications of between 1.5 and 6 centigrade rise.

The map showed that this average rise will not be spread uniformly across the globe. The land will heat up more quickly than the sea, and high latitudes, particularly the Arctic, will have larger temperature increases.

The 4C map was officially launched by the UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband on October 22. The map indicates the impacts of a global 4C rise in temperatures.

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