Now, Muthuhettigama clashes with coach

Southern Provincial Councillor Nishantha Muthuhettiga-ma’s car yesterday met with an accident at Gambeddegoda, Ratgama causing damage to the vehicle.

The controversial politician, who recently took oaths as an UPFA member of the SPC before an astrologer cum JP after ignoring an invitation from the Presidential Secretariat to be sworn in before the President, told The Island that the Gods had saved him. "I am lucky to be alive," he said, adding that he was on his way home following a consultation with his lawyers in Colombo when his car driven by another person collided head-on with a speeding luxury private coach.

Muthuhettigama earned the wrath of the SLFP leadership after clashing with UPFA candidates, actress Anarkali Akarasha and Sajin Vaas Gunawardene, during the run up to elections to the Southern Provincial Council. Subsequently, Polls Chief Dayananda Dissanayake urged the government to take punitive action against the councillor after he allegedly threatened the Chief Returning Officer of the Galle District.

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