Microsoft acclaims Royal College one of the top innovative global schools

Royal College has been selected as one of the best innovative schools in the world by the Microsoft Corporation. After a thorough evaluation of the applications received from thousands of schools across more than hundred countries in the world, Royal College has beaten many schools in all the countries and managed to place its name at the first slot in the list.

In May 2009, there was a local competition organized by Microsoft Sri Lanka in coordination with the Ministry of Education to select 5 most innovative schools in the country. Royal College took part in this competition and was selected together with another four schools to represent Sri Lanka in the global competition.

"In July 2009 we submitted our application to the Microsoft Corporation for consideration. Microsoft has evaluated the achievements of each school in the following areas - Academic Success, Innovation Culture, Leadership Development, Learning Community and Strategic Development Planning", principal Upali Gunasekara said.

"Innovative Use of ICT Selection of Royal College as one of the best global innovative schools proves that our achievements in all these areas received utmost recognition of the panel of evaluators which consisted eminent educational professionals from leading education institutions in the world", he noted.

Royal College now becomes a Global Pathfinder School in the Microsoft Partners in Learning Network, he said. "Microsoft has pledged to assist us to uplift our standards by making available expert resources to help us improve our school further by sharing best practices in the world".

"Our teachers will face more opportunities to improve their teaching skills by attending workshops conducted by Microsoft both locally and abroad. Our students will be able to partner with students in other Pathfinder schools to share best practices. They will receive more exposure to technology and they can look forward to a much better learning experience at Royal College, most importantly with lots of fun and joy. This achievement was made possible by dedicated and committed contributions made by all senior management staff, teachers, students, parents, old boys and other staff at Royal College".

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