CEB engineers ‘not happy’ with proposed 25% pay hike

A 25% salary increase to all categories of Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB) employees will be granted from January next year, Chairman E. A. S. K. Edirisinghe said yesterday.

He said that CEB’s engineers will also be entitled to this pay revision, but a decision on any possible upward adjustments to the Engineers Scale (known as the E-scale) will have to wait until the first quarter of 2010 as the government is not in a position to give anything more due to the economic situation.

"All 14,500 CEB employees will be given the 25% pay increase", he said.

However, the CEB Engineers’ Union yesterday expressed disappointment saying their proposal for a 50% salary revision to technical staff and engineers will have to be granted.

"We are not happy with a mere 25% increase", the union complained.

A senior engineer said they will be taking up this matter very seriously during their Executive Meeting on Monday.

"We usually get a salary rise once in three years, but this time, after a 10-month delay even if we do get an increase, we will have to manage with it for the next three years", he noted.

"Our salaries have to be on par with the banks and other organizations in the country.

The CEB has only 450 to 500 engineers and in comparison to other employees, our salaries were very low," he said.

Some members of the CEB trade unions yesterday said they would wait till the Salary and Cadres Commission decides on the percentage of their salary hike given once in three years.

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