Dr. JJ meets with top officials in Geneva and UK

Senior UNP parliamentarian Dr. Jayalath Jayewardena met with top UN officials during his visit to Geneva where he briefed them on human rights violations in Sri Lanka and the position with regard to IDPs in the North.

Dr. Jayewardena told The Sunday Island that he met with senior officials of the ICRC, IOM, ICJ and IOL during his visit.

He said that he also visited London where he met with officials of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and briefed them on the situation in Sri Lanka.

He said that he had meetings with Des Brown, Liam Fox and Lord Naseby amongst others.

Dr. Jayewardena said that during his discussions with Human Rights Watch, he handed over the report prepared by the Free Media Movement (FMM) on attacks on journalists.

He said he also had a special meeting with members of the UNP UK branch and UNP Youth front. "I also met with Sri Lankan intellectuals domiciled in London".

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