Scroungers pretending to be philanthropists

The serial loser Wickremasinghe, we are told, has recently announced a set of conditions to which General Sarath Fonseka must agree if he is to be nominated for the Presidency by his party. A few days earlier the serial loser’s side-kick Mano Ganeshan M.P. is said to have sent to General Fonseka a questionnaire to enable him (Ganeshan) to decide whether or not to support the candidature of General Sarath Fonseka for the Presidency of this land. The icing on the cake appeared in this morning’s Island (12/11/2009) which reported that Lakshman Kirialla MP, who said not long ago that any fool could fight a war, added his ‘two cents worth’ to Wicremasinghe’s conditions confirming them!!

What this motley bunch of ‘wannabe’ rulers of this country appears to seek to project is the wholly ridiculous notion that General Sarath Fonseka is a supplicant going behind them seeking the favour of nomination for the forthcoming Presidential elections, while they are the Lords and the Masters preparing to make a decision as to whether to throw to the ‘supplicant’ General Fonseka, the ‘crumb’ of nomination.

That is their fantasy: Let us now look at cold reality. Clearly not one of those poseurs who purport to be ‘leaders’ of National political parties and constitute the ‘leadership’ of the newly formed ‘alliance of political opportunists’ is capable of either defeating President Rajapaksa or even coming a close second to him in the coming Presidential election. It is only General Fonseka who could save them from total ignominy by acquiring a reasonable quantum of votes.

Thus, it is the likes of Wickremesinghe, Ganeshan and Samaraweera who are the supplicants. They who, by their conduct, claim to be the possessors of patronage who are ready to bestow their largesse on General Fonseka if he fulfills their conditions, are in fact the supplicants or the beggars – for General Fonseka is their only hope of political survival. They realize that if any one of the motley bunch of purported leaders of National political parties in that comical Alliance (even with the backing of JVP whose leader Rohana Wijeweera was murdered by the UNP – albeit to the rightful delight of the Nation), decides to contest the Presidential Election, so resounding will be the defeat that that candidate will suffer that none of the parties of this Alliance would have the chance of a ‘snowball in hell’ of acquiring any appreciable number of seats at the forthcoming General Election.

Thus, General Fonseka is their only hope of survival, and the fact that they want to ride on the back of General Fonseka and then discard him like a cigarette butt was made evident by the conditions put forward by Wickremasinghe and confirmed by Kiriella Those conditions demand of General Fonseka that immediately upon victory, he will announce the abolition of the Executive Presidency (thereby rendering himself impotent), and establish a ‘Caretaker’ Government with Wickremasinghe as the Prime Minister, giving important portfolios to both the JVP and the lackeys of the LTTE (called the TNA) which General Fonseka fought so valiantly for so many years. Wickremasinghe and his hanger-on Kiriella clearly envision no role for General Fonseka other than facing the election, facing all the trouble and risks incumbent upon doing so, and handing over the fruits of victory to Wickremasinghe and his cohorts and fading away if he happens to win In short, they want to use General Fonseka to aquire power for themselves and then dump him in the dustbin..

These are matters on which Sarath Fonseka, the victorious and most ‘uncommon’ General must ponder upon before deciding whether to be a ‘common’ candidate sponsored by a bunch of decrepit politicians whose ambitions bear an inverse proportion to their performance and ability.

One of the most important matters to which General Fonseka should give his mind is the undeniable fact that he commands and commands rightly the respect and affection of the entire Nation which is something that neither the serial loser Wickremasinghe, nor any of his side-kicks like Ganeshan Kiriella or Samaraweera, nor the colossal idiots in their Alliance such as the one who obviously believed that Elephant Pass was in Pamankade and Kilinochchi in Madawachchi; the other who thinks that any fool can fight a war and the third who thinks that General Sarath Fonseka is not fit to lead even the Salvation Army, commands or can ever comand.

What this bunch of opportunistic politicians with an unquenchable of thirst of power seek to do is to use that respect and affection the People have for General Fonseka to acquire power for themselves who command no such respect or affection but only the contempt of the People to foist themselves on the people of the Country as their rulers.

Nothing in what I have said means that I believe that President Rajapaksa is a perfect President. He is certainly is not. There is much that is wrong with him and his governance, and in particular, much that is wrong and almost nothing good in the ‘hangers on’ around him. What I do say is that whatever his faults may be, the alternative of the serial loser and his cohorts acquiring power is much worse. This fact is made manifest by the circumstance that the serial looser and his cohorts in their unseemly quest for power have the impudence to invite General Fonseka to sacrifice the respect and affection the people have for him in order to help them to achieve their ambitions which they cannot achieve on their own. One can well visualize from this what type of governance this bunch of charlatans would give this country if given a chance.

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