UNP’s Nandamithra joins SLFP

In what is described in political circles as a counter to the crossover of UPFANational List MPWijedasa Rajapakshe to the UNPon Wednesday, Nandimithra Ekanayake, the Matale District UNP Parliamentarian officially joined the SLFP yesterday. He was appointed an organiser of the Matale District with immediate effect.

Ekanayake entered politics representing the SLFPand became a minister of the PA government. He defected to the UNPwith a group of prominent SLFPparliamentarians in 2001.

Having contested the 2004 parliamentary polls, he entered Parliament following the death of Alick Aluvihare this year.

At that time, Ekanayake was a member of the Central Province.

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