Saturday, December  26, 2009
      Editorial:Let there be rice!

General Sarath Fonseka has been giving different reasons for leaving the army and none of them are tenable, the government said.Media Minister Anura Priyadharsahana Yapa, addressing the cabinet press briefing in Colombo, alleged that Fonseka as the then Chief of Defence Staff, was disappointed because "his request" to purchase military equipment worth US$222.4 million from China, three months after the war had ended, was turned down by Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa.

Sri Lanka has risen above the waves
– MR

President Mahinda Rajapaksa says, on the fifth anniversary of the tsunami, which falls today (26), that though the tsunami disaster had a devastating impact on...

Birth of Jesus in a crib on an office table

The Christian Association of the Labour Secretariat made a Crib depicting "Christmas Serving in Public Service Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ" in their office. This Crib was blessed and opened by the Rev. Fr. Shiran Fonseka (CssR) Director of the Junior Seminary of Thimbirigasyaya.
This Crib was put up on an office table and Child Jesus was placed on a file. The organiser was Mr. Chinthaka de Mel, employee of Labour Secretariat. Other religious groups also helped him.
Mahinda Madihahewa, Secretary to the Ministry of Labour Relations and Manpower, Pearl Weerasinghe, Additional Commissioner General of Labour, M. A. Godawaththa, Chairman of ETF H. Gunarathna, Additional General Manager of the ETF and Branch Heads of the divisions participated.

The ‘red van’ phenomenon
The joint opposition held its maiden rally in Kandy, with what was described as an...


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