Misuse of public resources: TISL receives 60 complaints

More than 60 complaints have been received by Transparency International Sri Lanka’s Programme for Protection of Public Resources (PPPR) against the misuse of public resources by certain candidates and their party members as of December 25 – the Programme for Protection of Public Resources said yesterday.

The complaints include treating people and public officials to meals at state expense, use of state buildings as political offices, misuse of state owned vehicles, erecting hoardings at the expense of public institutions, using of public officials for campaign work.

According to Mr. J. C. Weliamuna, Executive Director TISL, already millions of rupees have been spent on these activities. The PPPR is currently investigating the complaints and the information gathered will be released to the public during the course of the oncoming week. Mr. Weliamuna says that abuse of state resources costs a billion of rupees of the tax payers money and if this money could be saved the government could double the number of beds in the State run hospitals, while obtaining essential medicine for the country for almost a year.

The PPPR appeals to the public to report every activity of misuse of public Resources with reliable information. This information could be passed on to the PPPR on (011) 5769769, (011) 5654654, fax 5627432, or write to programme for Protection of Public Resources, Transparency International Sri Lanka, 28/1, Bullers Lane, Colombo 7.

Misuse of state resource (State buildings, vehicles, helicopters, airplanes or any mode of public transport, or any employee of any government, semi-government institution, the airtime or printing facilities) by any political party, Presidential Candidate or any other person is a punishable offence, PPPR says.

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