Fonseka’s differing reasons for leaving army
unacceptable – Govt.

General Sarath Fonseka has been giving different reasons for leaving the army and none of them are tenable, the government said.

Media Minister Anura Priyadharsahana Yapa, addressing the cabinet press briefing in Colombo, alleged that Fonseka as the then Chief of Defence Staff, was disappointed because "his request" to purchase military equipment worth US$222.4 million from China, three months after the war had ended, was turned down by Defence Secretary Gothabaya Rajapaksa.

Yapa also produced a copy of a weekly newspaper, where the former CDS is quoted to have said that the Rajapaksa regime was angry with him because he refused to accept a load of military hardware imported from China, without his knowledge on August 3 this year.

Fonseka, he said, wanted to increase the strength of the army by 100,000 after the LTTE was defeated, but the government turned down that proposal as well because the priority was to resettle the northern IDPs.

The other reason given by Fonseka for leaving the army and contesting the presidency was that he was opposed to the corruption and waste in the Rajapaksa administration, Yapa said.

"General Fonseka,has been giving different reasons from time to time and none of them are acceptable," he said.

"Now it is up to the public to judge what is true or false," the Minister said.

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