Autopsy reveals Minister Chandrasekaran died of alcoholic cirrhosis

Minister of Community Development and Social Inequality Eradication Periyasamy Chandrasekaran (53) died of alcoholic cirrhosis, an inquest was told on Friday.

Doctors in the United Kingdom had recommended a liver transplant, it was revealed.

Giving evidence at the inquest held by City Coroner Edward Ahangama, the wife of the deceased, Shanthini Devi Chandrasekaran (51) said that she was married to him for two decades and had two children, aged 19 years and 15 years, respectively. They are still students.

She said that her husband was a diabetic but was in the habit of consuming whisky. He was suffering from several alcoholic-related illnesses and he underwent treatment at the Northwick Park & St. Marks Hospital UK at one time.

He was treated by Consultant Gastroenterologist Dr. Mexton C. L. Pitcher who recommended a liver transplant after a 4-6 months rest period. He was advised to stop consuming liquor but was unable to heed the doctor’s advice.

Records showed that the fee was 200 Sterling Pounds for half an hour consultation.

She said they resided in Meda Welikada Road, Rajagiriya. On January 1, 2010, her husband went to bed around 2.30 am. He slept alone. Witness called his name but there was no response. Later, he was admitted to the Nawaloka Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on admission.

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