The immature politics of a pretentious General

The Presidential elections has unfortunately turned out to be a charade of a general who has taken upon himself the task of remoulding the Nation. In this effort he has no qualms simply sacrificing the interest of the Nation, belittling his own colleagues in the

Defence forces or ‘marketing’ openly the national security issues. As a tactic to dilute the nationalist agenda which enabled the nation to emerge strongly under the leadership of President Mahinda Rajapakse it is necessary for the General and his associates to feed the ethnic and separatist parasites of the minorities who refuse to comprehend the futility and danger of weakening Sri Lanka. The General’s game plan inturn is also acceptable to the internal and external forces which have been more than generous to the fissiparous trends in Sri Lankan and South Asian politics.

Sarath Fonseka’a reported statements that High Security Zones in the North will be dismantled, Pallay will be developed into an international airport and, that he will even consider 13 plus are indicative of his policy making on the run similar to the clumsy assurances of wage increases and compensating the Golden Key card victims et al. But, his attempts to woo the Tamil votes by pushing the Tamil politics back to racist territorialism is suicidal as he will wittingly or unwittingly again unleash the Vaddukodai principles which brought havoc to all Sri Lankan and more specifically to two generations of Sri Lankan Tamils.

But, Sarath Fonseka and his battalion comprising the UNP, the JVP, Managala- Hakeem- Ganeshan factions are desperate and they will, politically speaking, continue to slash and burn as this may be the last chance of marketing the Nation and ethnic politics for individual and petty gains. If they loose there are signs that the Sri Lankan nation will forge ahead strongly so that there are opportunities for Sri Lanka to concentrate on nation building and strengthening the delivery of services to the people after the demise of the LTTE terrorists.

The information now being exchanged over the cyberspace has created a new situation where the General who speaks of a crusade against bribery, corruption and indiscipline has to clear himself before the Sri Lankan electorate by meeting various charges being levelled against him. If the General himself is not lily-white as he claims, there is nothing left in the opposition campaign as Ranil and other leaders including most of the others in their camp are dismal failures and many have proved to be traitors by the Nation by giving into the LTTE on numerous occasions.

The national interests of the Sri Lankan Nation state must be in the uppermost of the voters of Sri Lanka in the coming elections so that pretenders and foreign handlers’ puppets should be delivered a conclusive death blow.

Ranjith Soysa

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